Fabulous Fun at the Fog

Don't you just want to swim into this acrylic dining table? by Zaha Hadid
What a blast. Now in its third year, the Fog Fair in San Francisco continues to gather modern art AND furniture under one roof, for one weekend, to the great delight of visitors. By turns lush, mind-blowing, elegant, provocative, surreal -- there really is something for everyone to relish.

I admit I am so drawn to works by artists I recognize from this show over the three years, but I'm super excited by new players each year, too.

These are wigs, made of PAPER
Unbelievable detail & craftsmanship. 
By Nikki Nye & Amy Flurry, The Paper Cut Project

There was a lot of amazing sculptural art for your walls.
I especially love the plates by Molly Hatch 
reflected in the vintage metal table by Karl Springer
Looks like a traditional toile wallpaper? Look again... 
Beth Katleman creates the complete installation in porcelain figures, covering the entire wall

detail of Cattleman's wall installation
baby is probably laughing at goat doing his business
Wall tapestry by Susie Ganch made only of plastic coffee cup lids. Marvelous texture. 
Look closely, you can see lipstick on a few lids

Some of the fun at the Fog is people-watching of course.
This lady has my vote for best Footwear with Ensemble at the show:
The pale pink hair is killer, too
Shoes by Rem D. Koolhaas,
nephew of the famed architect

Over the last few years we've seen more artists pushing 3D printer technology in more interesting directions. 
Rather than just intricate, several works were amazingly fluid, organic.

This Emily Cobb necklace looked like it was carved from bone or porcelain, though it was 3D printed in plastic. 
How about those little birdy feet?
But there was plenty of  evidence of the hand at the show, too.

Ceramics by Ruberto Lugo. 
I love the contrast of lady-like tea pot covered in graffiti and political symbols

Many works combined intricate handwork with innovative technology.

I really enjoy Dustin Yellen's meticulous 3D collages in multiple layers of acrylic

Also love Ted Noten's acrylic works. You'll never lose anything in his handbags

Works by Bae Se Hwa are just so sensual. 
Truly swoon-worthy.
And actually, really comfortable.

At the end of the day, you must have a place to keep your treasures.
Even if the title indicates otherwise...

"You Can't Lay Down Your Memories," chest by Tejo Remy
You can see the fabulous Fog Fair yourself in San Francisco now through Sunday January 17.
click here for link to the Fog Fair info