Burning Man Favorites (Part 3)

Here's my final post for Burning Man 2015, highlighting some of the unique transportation.

Most burners get around on bicycles -- the Playa is a big place.
But there is also an army of cars on the Playa known as "Mutant Vehicles" that are fantastic creations of art themselves.

Rhino Car, captured on Tutu-Tuesday.

El Pulpo Mecanico, one of my long time favorites. He shoots flames from his arms
and rides on top of other sea creatures.
Vehicles are well-lit at night, no "Darktards" allowed.

The Cheshire Cat roams the Playa....
... maybe looking for Rats.

Dinosaur waits patiently for driver to return.

Like the "fixed" art on the Playa, many of these mobile works are more amazing at night, spitting fire, or covered in programed LEDs. Some are raging parties on wheels with dance floors and DJs blaring music.
By day, this cruise ship sails around the desert, bikes strapped to the rear...

...by night, the ship is a throbbing dance party on wheels.

Landmarks from many cities cluster together on this art car.

The surface of this art car, covered in programmable LEDs,
evolves constantly as you watch.

Night pictures with my camera are not very clear...
but sometimes the effects are cool.

One evening  I lingered around the Black Rock DMV (yep, a DMV at Burning Man) to check out the long, winding line of outrageous motorized vehicles waiting for inspection to cruise the Playa. It was like that bar room scene in Star Wars: every size & type of creation, all wildly lit.
Most were rumbling, flashing, and playing music as they waited for their turn.

Stealth vehicle, the sides were constantly evolving colors.

DiscoFish, another dance party on wheels, under a full moon.

 Mobile dentures, followed by a drivable Grand Piano.

Passengers can lounge on the cream filling oozing out the sides of the Sammiches mobile.

The Man in the Moon has some company.

The details on many vehicles are extraordinary:
This horse's skin and mane are made from old tire treads.

Some art cars are HUGE, Playa-scale.

Others are more intimate conveyances.

Some are pedal-powered.

Some are for a single user.

This pedal cycled cart dispenses delicious Bloody Marys 
wherever the driver stops.

Everybody should ride a Magic Carpet at some point.

I can't wait to be back next year.