Give an Extraordinary Gift

Still searching for that perfect holiday gift for your special someone?
It's not too late for a most excellent gift, one that is unique, expressive, fun to look at/play with/listen to, a sweet reminder of the giver for those we love.
Give a gift of art.
Jeremy Mayer's Delilah sculpture gets ready for Christmas

Don't hesitate because you're not certain he/she will like it. Most artists & galleries are happy to swap a piece.

But more importantly: it's nice to agree with your s.o. on art you purchase. But it isn't necessary.
Or even good.
Not all the time.

My not-art-trained, techie husband has gotten some works I would NEVER have picked myself.
But I went along with it, because he really liked them.
And--you guessed it--those very works have become some of my most FAVORITE over time.

It's healthy to move out of your comfort zone, expand your aesthetic range.
It's oh so nice if an s.o. takes you there.

Merry Holidays, Happy Art Shopping!