I met this Beautiful Lady

I had a very special visit recently to Jeremy Mayer's studio to meet his completed Theia sculpture.

What a stunning goddess she is! At over 7ft tall, she is towering and elegant, caught just at the moment when her toes barely touch the earth, her hands are flexed, as the wings on her head lift her entire body into flight.
Theia was commissioned by Oculus VR, a company very recently acquired by Facebook. I'm jazzed that Theia will be moving near me, into office space on the Facebook campus in Menlo Park.
Jeremy is a mind-boggling talent, who creates his sculptures entirely from typewriter parts, every single piece.

Detail of Theia's hand

Theia's toes are one of my favorite parts of her body.
Jeremy has great projects underway for the next many monthsClick here for Jeremy's website.

I've seen Theia during her development, in visits and in images Jeremy has shared. But what really struck me on seeing her this time is how powerful it is to see art in person.
Looking at images of art, usually a teensy jpeg, maybe on the computer screen (like here), just doesn't do it.
The aura, the emotional impact--for sculpture especially--is exponentially greater in person.

Most of us these days prefer to shop from our keyboards. But with art, you are liable to miss some great opportunities (and make some bad choices) if you don't get out there and visit art in person.
Some folks have said they feel awkward seeing art with the artist standing right there.
Get over it.
You'll miss out on so much if you don't.
Plus seeing it in person is the best way to learn more about art, what you like, what you want to collect for yourself.

There are raft of open studio events in the Bay Area coming up, and all over the country. Fall is a great time to do a little nesting before the holidays.
Be sure to take the kids. Young kids totally dig their experience with art; they will see things that will just delight you. And inform you. With teenagers, it's a great outing together.  If you listen carefully, you'll hear some intriguing input during the car ride home.

Make a plan. Go out and look at art!

On Oct 25, The Lost & Foundry Studio in Oakland is showing works from the Recology Artists in Residence Program, including art by Nemo Gould:
Click here for info on Lost & Foundry's Recology Artists event

Starting this Sat Oct 11, there are open studios EVERY weekend in San Francisco through Nov 9:
Click here for SF Open Studio info

Thanks Jeremy!